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Salt Water Action Gear

SWAG - Salt Water Action Gear

We represent all of the ocean lovers and their action-filled lifestyles along our beautiful southeast coast from

Virginia Beach, VA down to the Florida Keys and around the Gulf pan-handle to Galveston Bay. We are from Charleston, SC and have a strong South Carolina Lowcountry influence.  We live in the sunshine, breath in the salty air, play on the barrier island beaches, boat, surf, fish our tidal creeks, and adventure off-shore for the big prize fish.

If that sounds like you, SWAG is for you.

What do people say about us?

I can't say enough about these guy's ..... 
There is no other customer service period that can touch these guy's . Awesome !!!!!
Got my Hat the other day and bammm 1st day out 2 Black Drum on 1 line ....
Good Luck or SWAG ??
Who really knows but I looked like a Champ pulling them up 

Jay Michael

Got my new hat and it is awesome! SWAG sent in a timely manner and the quality is top notch. 

Mike Sterling

My best purchase of the summer. SWAG gear is awesome! Looking forward to adding more SWAG gear to my wardrobe!!

Sean Landis

Love the SWAG gear. Taking my Rottweiler fishing this weekend on the boat as my first out Snook, it’s SWAG time!

Ben G.

Nice shirt Fits well and is comfortable.

G. Smoak

Our Process

High Quality Production

In our Production Facility we use state of the art machinery to build your products to meet our incredibly high standard for Quality. All orders carry our quality guarantee for that exact reason. If you're unsatisfied, we're unsatisfied, and we'll make it right!

Shipped to your door

We do all our products in limited edition runs (to limit waste that could potentially end up in the ocean), meaning sometimes your products are being 100% handcrafted specifically for you.

From manufacturing to your hands, expect to see your product at your door in 5-7 days


SWAG is all about our commitment to the ocean, family, and having a good time. Pair our products with a beautiful sunny day by the ocean with the family and you'll be sure to enjoy your day, the SWAG way.

What is Swag?

Because we practically live in our Boat, Beach, Fish Life gear year around, we have created a clothing brand that not only is made for performance, but also does it with style and swagger. And thus “SWAG – Salt Water Action Gear” was born.

SWAG /swaɡ/

Verb: - Act of being bold with self-assurance of style and manner.

Noun: - Salt Water Action Gear.

Ten Reasons to buy.

1 - 100% Satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy, we'll make sure we fix it.

2 - Award winning customer service - Our team is always ready to help!

3 - Supporting an American small business

4 - SWAG Promise - We promise to only deliver the highest quality products while keeping affordability, value, and convenience at the forefront of our product development

5 - Convenience - shop a large variety of products and collections in one place

6 - Value - We offer products with great value that are priced less than our competitors for the same quality (or even better quality) products!

7 - Join us - We're building a movement to live fearlessly, enjoy every day, and live your best life

8 - Limited Run products = no waste ever ends up in the ocean

9 - Get your products within the same week in most cases.

10 - Every purchase allows us to develop more products in the future. 

What makes us Different?

We're not a major brand, and we're proud of it.

Every purchase with SWAG supports an American Small Business that genuinely and passionately cares about each and every customer who joins the SWAG Family.

Still not convinced?

Click the messenger symbol in the bottom right corner of your screen to get in touch with a member of our customer service team. They'll answer any questions, comments, or concerns you may still have.

We can't wait for you to join the SWAG movement.