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What would it take for tomorrow to be the best day you have ever had?  Waking up to the sun rising over the clear waters of the Caribbean? Emptying a box of dorado after a day fishing in international waters or just enjoying a calm day fishing the surf on the beach.

I do not have an answer to that question… but I run a YouTube channel that explores all those possibilities and more in search of the greatest Texas (and beyond!) family fishing adventures that we can find.  And along with Saltwater Action Gear we would like to invite you to join us on our various explorations, expeditions and exploits… from the agua dulce (sweet water) of Boca Chica to the unexplored reaches of the Laguna Madre to the furthest reaches of the continental shelf and beyond we look forward to the journey of enjoying all the breathtaking and amazing things the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.  And we would love it if you joined us on this incredible voyage!


On behalf of my wife Rachel and daughter Savannah we would like to thank you for being a part of this incredible YouTube experience and we would like to thank Saltwater Action Gear for being such a wonderful sponsor, catalyst and friend and for making such high-quality products for us to enjoy on our escapades!

Now it’s your turn to GO GET OUTDOORS!

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