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Why This Is The Best Time to Be In Texas?     Let’s face it; when you think of Texas or any of the states on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico you think sunny days, a warm breeze and a proper margarita on a sandy beach with cool crisp waves crashing on the shore.  And that’s ok.  That is what everybody else thinks and I won’t hold that against you.  You are not wrong.  But your mindset is.   Because everybody else thinks the same thing.  And this means that on our best, most beautiful days along the...

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...from the agua dulce (sweet water) of Boca Chica to the unexplored reaches of the Laguna Madre to the furthest reaches of the continental shelf and beyond we look forward to the journey of enjoying all the breathtaking and amazing things the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.  And we would love it if you joined us on this incredible voyage!


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