SWAG GoM Gaff Hooks LS - Performance Shirt

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The SWAG GoM Gaff Hooks LS - Performance Shirt looks great, is comfortable, and is our most popular performance shirt. This long sleeved shirt is moisture wicking, durable, and delivers UV30+ sun protection.  Made with 100% advanced polyester fiber material that is light-weight and breathable for ventilation to stay cool and to not restrict movement.

  • ABRASION AND UV RADIATION RESISTANT - Built in UV30+ sunscreen protection with anti-radiation fibers.  Plus, the fabric is formulated to prevent scrapes and abrasion.
  • MOISTURE-WICKING TECHNOLOGY - Featuring a shirt that conveniently absorbs the moisture from your body and brings it to the exterior of the shirt to allow for easier evaporation and a cooling effect.
  • MADE FROM BREATHABLE FIBERS - Breathable fibers with a stylish look that wears comfortably all day long with ease to move without restrictions.
  • WRINKLE FREE / EASY WASH - Machine washable and is wrinkle free with no need for ironing, giving back your time to do more important stuff.
  • BRING THE S.P.I.C.E. - Introducting a shirt that is designed with an advanced SPICE (Stretch Prevention with Integrated Colorfast Engineering) technology ensuring longevity and endurance.